Download TALES OF LINK Apk v2.4.1 Mod (Massive Damage & More) Terbaru 2016

Free  Download TALES OF LINK Apk v2.4.1 Mod (Massive Damage & More) Terbaru 2016 : Selamat Malam, kali ini saya akan membagikan game android yang berjudul Tales Of Link, game ini bergenre Role Playing Games dibuat oleh developer ternama yakni Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Game ini berkisah tentang tentang seorang penyelamat yang perjalanan untuk membersihkan bencana yang tiba-tiba jatuh dari dunia Surgawi ke darat. saya menyedikan game ini dalam versi Modifikasi, untuk lebih lengkapnya silahkan simak ulasan singkat mengenai Download TALES OF LINK Apk v2.4.1 Mod (Massive Damage & More) Terbaru 2016 Berikut ini :

Deskripsi Game :
This app is an Role Playing Game which contains both whole new story of successive “Tales of” characters and a speedy, exhilarating and nouvelle battle system.

It is a story about a savior whose journey to cleanse the disaster which suddenly fell from the Heavenly world to the land.
-“Monster from seed of ruins”,”Savior with the power of stonecantation”,”The insurgency”-
Gather the threads of successive “Tales of” characters, a superb adventure is attractively and lively described with voices of famous voice actors such as Shiori Mikami, Ai Nonaka, Aya Endo and Seiichi Morita and Animated scenes.

For the first time, player is asked to choose 9 characters to set a party to play each battle. In this “Touch-link battle system,” link a character to character and make a team to perform exciting combos!
It’s a fantastic battle system in which a player is required to link distinct characters with various skills depending on the situation of each battle. It is fun to choose characters and also very tactical to win a battle. Once a player set a team to attack, mini-sized characters show exciting and speedy attack toward enemies.

Also during the battle, all characters including successive “Tales of” characters are fully voiced. This is a RPG which is fun to see action of mini-sized characters, to listen to the voices of characters and to play the battle.
[Price] Free to play
(contains opptional IAP)
[Summary of story] The world in which myth still remains, called “Leafees.”
One day, someone broke the seal of holy shrine of heavenly world and “Seed of ruin” is unleashed, penetrated through the body of gods and were scattered about the heaven and the land.
It was the core of sealed demons which would bring all kind of disasters to the land.
If the scattered ones drained the power of gods sprout on the land, they would bring unevitable disaster and threaten the peace of the world.

As time passes–
At a just another field of grass, a spirit and a girl appears in front of you.
They have two purposes.
One is to seal scattered “Seed of ruin” again to cleanse the world.
Another one is to find out the man who broke the seal to scatter “Seed of ruin” over the world.

The fairy tells you that you have the power to achieve their purposes.
You have the power of “Stonecanting” and able to read the track of holy wars carved on Hero Stones.

You grant the spirit’s wish, and start journey over the vast world with friends.
No one knows the goal of this journey of cleansing the world–

[Recommended OS version] Android 4.1 or later
[Disclaimer] (1) Operation is not supported for the models and OS versions other than those recommended.
(2) Depending on your usage, there may be cases where operation is unstable even with the recommended models.
(3) Regarding recommended OS versions, although it says [Android XXX or later] this does not guarantee that it will support the latest OS version.

Detail Permainan :
  • Game Name : TALES OF LINK
  • Game Category : Role Playing Games
  • Last Updated On : March 9, 2016
  • Game Size : 58 MB
  • Version of The Game : 2.4.1
  • Developer Firm : BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • File Format : Apk
  • Requires Android : 4.0 and up
  • Total Installs : 100,000 +
  • Google Play Rating : 4.0 / 5
Pembaharuan Sistem :
・Bug fix

Game Screenshot :

Demikian ulasan singkat saya mengenai Download TALES OF LINK Apk v2.4.1 Mod (Massive Damage & More) Terbaru 2016 Semoga apa yang saya bagikan bermanfaat bagi anda, teirma kasih. kunjungi juga - Download World of Tanks Blitz Apk v2.7.0.344 Terbaru 2016

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Mod (Massive Damage & More)

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